Feather or Sledgehammer?

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RJ20 has always been able to help with performance, future participant tort liability and increased contributions but some of this is very difficult to track in the short term, and sometimes sponsors want even more. They occasionally desire to combine our on-line capabilities with additional hands-on, proactive, personal solutions to ensure participants maximize their 401k benefits. Companies realize a high percentage of their workforce may have much broader financial issues (e.g. funding tuitions, foreclosures, managing their cash flow, understanding credit and making overall smarter financial decisions) which negatively impacts worker productivity. Reducing financial stress is a key part of any financial wellness program today!

Our Solution!

At RJ20, we pride ourselves on our reputation as true problem solvers! Given the above, we have recently created a new and unique employee wellness module, powered by The LFE Institute, to tackle all of these issues head on. We’re not looking to make things a little better; we truly solve problems. “Why slap them on the wrist with feather when you can belt them over the head with a sledgehammer.”(Katharine Hepburn).
In addition to our historical offerings, RJ20 can now provide employees with unbiased financial wellness education and much-needed unbiased proactive 401(k) retirement advice. LFE’s expertise is building life-changing skills that help employees free up more money to invest. RJ20 then advises them on how to build a solid plan, and provides the support they need to make smart investment decisions and accumulate a substantial retirement nest egg.
RJ20 Employee Wellness Key Benefits:
• An interactive, skills-based financial curriculum that has been successfully taught to employees throughout the U.S. since 1986! Over 25 years of empirical data and demonstrable results.

• “Managing Your Money!” workshop has helped a half million employees stretch their paychecks, reduce their debts, ease family conflicts over money, and avoid costly financial traps and pitfalls. On average, employees find $4,000 – $7,000 extra each year – all using this unique alternative to budgeting!

• Recent plans have seen 401(k) Participation rates jump by as much as 27% when implementing this Employee Wellness Program.

• Extra money found facilitates much higher contribution rates. On average, $2,000 of additional contributions per participant annually.

• RJ20 still takes full ownership and control of this service delivery for you and your client for total quality control. We are not outsourcing this and hoping for the best. The buck stops with us, and that’s why our clients love our attitude toward service as we have “skin in the game.”


Our online planning solutions are focused 100% on the participant. We provide specific investment advice (not broader education) relevant to each participant’s risk tolerance, needs and goals. We tell participants whether they are on-track for their desired retirement, when even “worst case” assumptions are used. RJ20 technology is leading edge, easy to use and is clearly differentiated from the competition in its breadth and cost. It is one thing to ask basic questions about age and risk tolerance, and another thing altogether to provide participants with a roadmap to (and through) retirement. We do the latter! The advice is holistic and can incorporate all elements of a participant’s financial picture (beyond just their 401k), if desired.

There are many things which distinguish our offerings, including the low cost, unlimited CFP support, ease of use and the nature of our future participant tort liability shift. However, the single most important issue is our overall utilization rates run in the 30-60% range. This is purportedly more than 10X the experience demonstrated by the emerald lines up in Boston. RJ20 proactively encourages and facilitates contact. If your current planning tools aren’t used, your clients aren’t benefiting from the documented better performance (often 1.5% – 3% annually), or the planning piece of mind. A benefit is only a benefit if it is actually used. Our solutions are utilized!

Adding RJ20 into the solutions mix can:

• Broaden your reach; provide an additional arrow in the quiver to allow you to reach more existing participants, and bid on even larger new deals.

• Greatly improve planning utilization amongst participants.

• Give many participants a more desirous means of accessing planning solutions (surveys indicate around 30% of your participants prefer online options).

• Allow you the most economic (time and money) access to the likes of road warriors, expats, remote office employees, retirees, home office workers, third shifters, etc. RJ20 can improve Advisor and Sponsor bottom lines through the more efficient allocation of resources and improved employee processes.

• Improve plan investment returns!

• Shift future tort liability, and

• Greatly differentiate your offerings in the marketplace today.


Independent from our new wellness program, RJ20’s basic package only costs $15/participant annually. This translates to just $3000 a year for a 200 person plan.

Depending on the employee wellness option chosen, this module adds an incremental $5-$15/Participant annually. The all-in, top tier package costs only $30/participant annually. This usually translates to only 4-16BPs. There is no long term contract, if we don’t deliver on our promises, you won’t renew!

As part of our bundled solution, the entire cost can be paid out of plan assets! Additionally, if your client has a Wellness budget, that pool may now help fund your 401k enhancements.


Beyond the planning benefits to participants, we also benefit advisors and sponsors by shifting future Participant tort liability to us. This is a responsibility RJ20 takes on willingly and acknowledges in writing in the first paragraph of our contract. We assume 3(21)(a)(ii) future Participant tort liability for all active covered Participants (with online access) versus just users of our solutions. RJ20 effectively owns the ERISA liability for all active Participants once the contract is paid, and we’ve communicated our solutions. We thus have a very strong incentive to encourage full utilization.

To learn more about our solutions schedule a webinar with RJ20. Just shoot me back an email and we’ll set it up. Additionally, if you desire customized one page additions for your pitch books, just let me know.

Matthew Craig,
SVP – Sales, RJ20

The LFE Institute has helped well over 500,000 employees nationally improve their money sense. They’ve helped employees “find” thousands of extra dollars to invest each year. After completing LFE’s intensive Certification Process, their independent instructors and money coaches are able to generate the specific results corporations are looking for, and to provide the Financial Education employees need so desperately today. We are proud to have LFE power our wellness program at a significant discount to their own pricing.

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